Clarke Hunting Boys NZ

The Clarke boys are a family of hunters from New Zealand that love exploring the outdoors. Clarke Boys Hunting NZ consists of Peter (father), Sam, Noah, Harry and their dogs hunting the best of New Zealand's big game animals. Whether you want to see dogs grabbing massive wild boars with gnarly tusks or the boys roaring in angry stags and shooting them at close range, there are even some South Island videos of Tahr and Chamois being shot in some spectacular scenery.

The Clarke Boys are mad keen hunters that run all over the hills and mountains chasing anything that's worth hunting.

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Favourite Boot 

"My favourite Lowa boot is the Tibet GTX WIDE. I never knew how big a difference a good pair of boots could make to your hunting experience until I purchased my first pair of Lowa's 4 years ago. They were perfectly comfortable right from the start and have never given me any trouble. I have given them a thrashing all over NZ in all conditions and environments and they have stood up to everything. They are still going strong 4 years later. Completely waterproof, original laces and just a few superficial scratches which are amazing considering how little effort I have put into caring for and maintaining them over the years". - Sam Clark (Clark Boys Hunting)