lockdown sounds very daunting for most of us especially you crazy nature frothers that live for the outdoors. And while we all need to play our part in social distancing there a still a few things you can do to get out of the house for your daily dose of nature.

You can go for walks, runs and hit the trail with the people in your bubble as long as you remain within walking distance of your house, also make sure you aren’t stopping to chat with fellow adventurers and are applying the social distancing rule. This will give you the chance for some nice fresh air while ensuring there is no risk of contact.

We want to see how you outdoorsy people are staying active during the 30 day lockdown, because lets face it - you’d go crazy otherwise! To enter:

  • Tag us @lowaaunz
  • Use the hashtag #LOWALOCKDOWN 
  • For bonus points you can join the LOWA Hiking club on Strava HERE where you can share and see what other adventurers are doing in their #lowalockdown

Put these in your posts while you’re out and about within the lockdown regulations for a chance to win a pair of our very NEW Locarno Lo or High boots. 1 male and 1 female winner will be announced on the 23rd of April.

Stay safe and stay active!

* Please make sure you are staying within the rules set out by your government.