Q. Do you have a sizing guide? 

A. Yes! To view our sizing guide and fittings tips head here. 


Q. I have a wider foot, which styles would you recommend? 

A. Wider foot issues? No worries, most of our Men's Hunting and Hiking boots are available in a wide, which is the same boot but just with a slighter wider base. However, if you’re a female and don’t fit a female boot visiting the men's range will work fine. Here is our sizing chart to give you a hand


Q. Are they true to fit, I don’t want to pay for 2 sizes just to try? 

A. LOWA boots are true to size and are in UK sizes. Lacing and sock thickness can make a difference to the fit. Wide and narrow boots are available. 


Q. the terrain isn’t too steep or anything like that what boots would you suggest I try? 

A. Our most popular boots are our Renegades GTX midsThe Renegade's fit, comfort, and versatility have set the standard for multifunction boots for over 20 years. They are great for on-track activities as well as some off-track bush adventures. 


Q. I’m very prone to blisters on my heels no matter what I do. Can you recommend anything? 

A. ensuring that your boots are the right fit for you, using our sizing chart, also the use of the correct Thorlo socks for the given terrain and length of a trip is another key way hikers reduce the risk of blisters.  

Q. What’s the difference between the normal boots and the WXL version? 

A. WXL is the wider version of our boots 


Q. I’m after a versatile boot that’s an all-terrain. Good for NZ and then back in Aus in the high country? 

A. A boot with great versatility that is great for almost all NZ and Aus terrain would be the Ranger III. This versatile boot has a stiff shank giving you the support and durability needed in the variety of conditions you’ll meet across Australasia. It’s high randing also helps to protect against sharp and rocky terrain while the traction has thicker lugs to prevent anything getting stuck with optimal grip. 

Q. What is the best type of socks to go with your boots? 

A. For optimal comfort and performance, it is wise to consider the foot/sock/boot as a system, they should all work together to deliver the ideal performance. Most people substantially underestimate the value and benefits that an engineered sock such as a Thorlos® Clinically Tested Padded Sock (CTPS) can provide. We discuss this in detail under Comfort, 

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