Boot Re-Sole Service

A Second Life For Your Beloved LOWAs

Did you know that some LOWA boots can have their soles replaced to give them a second life?

Here at LOWA, we value sustainability. And when we talk the talk, we walk the walk.

A key tenet of sustainability is to keep your existing gear on the trail and out of the landfill.

By giving your boots a second life, you get to keep your well-loved boots that have already moulded to your feet while being considerate of the environment.

With that in mind, we offer a Resoling Service to extend the life of your boots.

The Resole Process

Watch the video below to see the resole process we use:

Please Note: Our trusted Australian cobbler cannot re-rand boots. The rand is the protective rubber strip that wraps around the boot, covering the joint between the upper and the outsole. This protects the leather from rocks and scree.

LOWA resoling is done in Adelaide to ensure efficient turn-around time. As a result, we unfortunately do not have the capabilities in Australia to re-rand. 

What Is Resoling?

Resoling is where we take your old boot soles off, and replace them with a brand new pair of matching or closest matching Vibram Outsoles.

Resoling is possible for all shoes that have an adhesive pinched construction. 

With this type of shoe construction, the upper of the shoe is pinched around the last and glued to the underside of the insole under high pressure. The midsole and outsole are then glued to this solid unit. 

Adhesive-pinched shoes are extremely robust and stable. Since the sole and shaft are only connected to one another by gluing the sole, shoes of this type can be resoled again. 

How Is A Resole Done?

The resole process ensures the expired sole is completely sanded off, and a new sole is glued onto the upper. 

This noticeably extends the lifespan of the shoes and is therefore an important contribution to sustainability.

Which Boots Can Be Resoled?

Please note: Not all boots can be resoled.

Boots from the Mountaineering, Mountain Hunting and Backpacking categories can be resoled. 

Boots from the Hiking, All Terrain Sport, Everyday, Kid's, and Task Force collection are not eligible for this service due to a different outsole construction.

On the LOWA website, all boots with the below icon are resoleable:

How To Get Your Boots Resoled

So you are ready to contribute to a sustainable future with LOWA and want to have your boots resoled...

The first step is to ensure the boots upper is in good condition.

How Do I Know If The Upper Is In Good Condition?

To check if the upper is in good condition, go through these 3 checklist items:

  1. The boot must be well hydrated - you can check this by seeing if the leather is cracking or looks rough/dry. If this is the case, you need apply LOWA care product (Waterstop and Active Creme) to the upper to rehydrate them. You can find out more about boot care by clicking here.
  2. The boot must be clean and dry - boots must not be muddy, wet or dirty when you are ready to send them to the cobbler. Please ensure they are clean and dry before packaging them up to send.
  3. Must have used LOWA care product regularly - Active Creme is especially important as it can prevent the leather from cracking and permanently damaging the upper. Waterstop also aids with hydration and maintains the hydrophobic nature of the boots upper.

Contact Our Trusted Australian Cobbler

Once your boots have been checked, you can contact our trusted Australian Cobbler in Adelaide. The details are below:

Company: Ideal on Hutt Shoe Repairs
Name: Richard
Telephone: (08) 8223-4017

Richard will let you know the next steps for your warranty or repair.

Important Notes

Please do not send any boots directly back to LOWA.

Sometimes boots have sustained enough wear  that they cannot be repaired.

If you are looking to purchase boots that are resolable, make sure to look out for the resoling icon!

Not only will you be helping the environment with the sustainable use of boots, your boots will last you longer too.

Check Out Resolable Options Here

Check out the boots from the following categories and look for the resolable icon to find boots that can be resoled:

Or check out some of our best-selling resolable boots below: