LOWA's Top Spring & Summer Hiking Boots For 2021

LOWA's Top Spring & Summer Hiking Boots For 2021

We can’t believe it’s Spring already and the new year is creeping up faster than we imagined. As the weather gets sunnier, it’s time to dust off your old hiking gear to take on another holiday season full of epic outdoor adventures.

Whether your old boots need a replacement, or you just want to treat yourself, LOWA has an incredible range of footwear to suit your level of activity. LOWA obsesses over the final 5% of the manufacturing process which not only propels our boots to their legendary status, but also provides you with the most comfortable fit based on your type of adventures.

So, sit back, relax and grab your favourite snack as we guide you through LOWA’s top picks of Spring and Summer Hiking boots that are guaranteed to take your adventures to the next level. After all, LOWA is the leader in innovation, comfort and fit for a reason ;)

Long Haul Comfort

Challenging yourself with one of Australia's long distance treks?

Look no further than the durable ultimate comfort duo… the men’s Camino GTX® and women’s Mauria GTX®.

These boots are designed for walks such as the Overland Track, Cape to Cape Track and The Wilderness Coast Walk where you need stable footing, ankle support and ultimate comfort when trekking for up to 5 days.

Built to withstand rough weather conditions, the Camino and Mauria are perfect boots for use on and off trail. The high ankle support will allow you to carry a decent load of up to 20kgs and navigate moderate to difficult terrain that features rocks, scree and uneven ground.

With a moderately stiff sole and a durable LOWA flex upper construction, the Camino and Mauria allow for lateral stability without compromising forefoot flex. So you can feel supported as your foot rolls forward in a natural motion. The Mauria also features padded edging on the back of the leg (designed for a women's longer calf muscle) and is built on a women’s specific last for added comfort and the perfect fit.

Learn about the Camino GTX® by clicking here.

Learn about the Mauria GTX® by clicking here.

The Weekend Escape

Looking for a little weekend adventure over the holiday season?

LOWA’s best-selling Renegade GTX® has got you covered with lightweight hiking comfort right of the box… no break-in period required!

This boot is designed for light day to two-day hiking short tracks such as the Thosborne Trail, Mount Gower or summiting Mount Kosciuszko. Anywhere you need a multifunctional, comfortable, and flexible boot when hiking for a long period of time.

This all terrain classic has been hand-crafted to perfection over the last 25 years. The Renegade is suitable for everyday active life in urban areas and is a perfect companion for beginner to intermediate hikers. It's the perfect choice for an outdoor adventure with a 5-10kg pack weight on trail, making this boot extremely versatile.

A flexible outsole gives you with the ability to navigate rocky and uneven trails while the mid-height cut gives added support to your ankle. This boot also features an external PU LOWA Monowrap® frame to provide added lateral stability while reducing overall boot weight. Since there is no break in period required for the Renegade, you can hit the trails right away with great comfort right out of the box!

Available in a range of colours.

Learn about the men's Renegade MID GTX® by clicking here.

Learn about the women's Renegade MID GTX® Ws by clicking here.

Everyday Warriors

For those that love a little bit of outdoor adventure, but aren't quite ready for the whole nine yards, we've got a special low-cut shoe that's going to become your new favourite!

The brand new LOWA Explorer GTX® is a low-cut, lightweight hiking shoe that is ideal for short day hikes such as the Tongue Point Walk in Wilsons Promontory or the Box Forest Circuit in Lamington National Park.

This ankle high trekking shoe not only looks the part with an embossed split leather look, but it is also capable of demanding day hikes where you encounter rocky and uneven terrain while carrying a light day pack. It's the perfect option for beginner hikers looking to set foot in the outdoor adventure space, and for seasoned pros looking for a lighter everyday shoe.

Featuring a Gore-Tex® lining, the LOWA Explorer will allow you to trek through puddles and light rain while keeping your feet dry. The Vibram® Rock Trac® Evo outsole paired with a Dyna PU+® midsole will provide the optimum combination of grip and comfortable cushioning underfoot. Designed for comfort and stability so you can enjoy the adventure and have confidence in your stride.

Learn about the men’s LOWA Explorer GTX by clicking here.

Learn about the women’s LOWA Explorer GTX by clicking here.

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