Collection: Heavy Duty Hiking - Men

For Serious Hikers

Every good hiker know's that boots are essential for tough terrain... but every great hiker knows that the technology and quality of boots designed for the right fit and right function, provide ultimate comfort for performance enhancement on any terrain in any weather.

Cevedale II GTX®

For lower level alpine terrain that doesn't require insulation.

This spring mountaineering boot provides precise terrain feel and versatility.

Designed for heavy pack loads of 20kgs+, this boot is optimised for steep terrain in moderate climate.

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Ticam Pro GTX®

A high country trekking boot that allows you to take on rough and hilly terrains with ease.

With sturdy underfoot support and high alpine rand, the toughest of adventures will feel like a breeze.

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Camino Evo GTX® Wide

Durable and supportive for 3-4 season hiking.

Ideal for rocky terrain off-trail and rough weather conditions.

Great lateral support and a sturdy sole will keep you going for miles while carrying heavy loads.

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Explorer II GTX® MID Wide

Go the distance in ultimate comfort.

The mid-cut LOWA Explorer is a trekking boot optimised for performance on trail while maintaining a stylish look.

A sturdy stabilizer means you can comfortably hike all day while carrying a pack weight of up to 15kgs, all while staying supported.

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