3 Hiking Adventures To Explore In Australia With Your LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX Boot

3 Hiking Adventures To Explore In Australia With Your LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX Boot

Australia has an extremely diverse landscape, from large deserts and snow-capped mountains to tropical forests, grasslands and more.

When tackling these rocky off-trail terrain and rough weather conditions, you want a boot that is durable, cushioned and sturdy on uneven ground. The Camino (men's) and Mauria (women's) GTX boot is your ideal heavy duty hiking boot for Australia's Great Walks.

Featuring a half rand on the toe and heel, this duo is specifically designed to offer you support, cushioning, and protection against rocks and scree. 

There are many spectacular day hiking trails in good old Australia, and we have compiled 3 exciting hiking adventures you can explore with your LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot. 

Let's dig in.


1. Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Photo by Christian Bass on Unsplash

Location: Watarrka National Park, Northern Territory
Distance: 6km
Duration: 4 hours return
Terrain: Gravel / Rock
Difficulty: Hard


Take On The Kings Canyon Rim Walk!

This walk is located in an important conservation area with many unique flora and fauna species and is best attempted at sunrise when the temperatures are much cooler. The sun gently casts a magnificent palette of oranges and reds across the sandstone at sunrise.

This journey starts with a steep climb with around 500 steep steps. Once you reach the top of the canyon, the landscape is breathtaking, with 360-degree views of the red sand dunes and 300m high sandstone walls.

The Rim Walk features iconic locations like Priscilla's Crack, The Garden of Eden and The Lost City!

In 1994, Priscilla's Crack was made famous by the film Priscilla Queen of the Desert. As for The Lost City, it is best described as a group of sandstone domes in the canyon. These domes resemble the kind of architecture you might find in an ancient city.

The LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot is ideal for tackling the slippery, rocky, narrow and steep terrain of the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. The Vibram App Trail Outsole on both boot, is designed for excellent traction and stability on rocky, slippery and steep terrains. With this duo, you can confidently take on this track without fear of slipping.


2. Grand Canyon Track 

Photo by Jacques Bopp on Unsplash

Location: Blackheath, New South Wales
Distance: 6.3km loop
Duration: 3 - 4 hours 
Terrain: Rock / Gravel
Difficulty: Moderate 


Explore The Grand Canyon Track!

Everything seems orange-bronze and desert-like from a plane flying high above Central Australia. However, once on the ground, the scenery changes and becomes incredibly diversified.

The Grand Canyon is a world-heritage listed landscape and since 1907, walkers have walked this unique and thrilling track.

This journey begins with breathtaking views of the sandstone escarpments followed by lush vegetation, waterfalls, rock overhangs and native plants.

It's a beautiful place during the day and transforms at night, where you will see glow worms.

This circuit involves many semi-ledges, so you will need a moderately stiff comfortable pair of hiking boot. On the LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot, the Eyelets are attached to the individual lace parts made with soft border leather or supple textile material to avoid pressure points. This feature allows your foot to roll forward comfortably while walking uphill, saving you energy for the next step.


3. Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit 


Photo by Tim Lippis on Unsplash


Location: East Coast of Tasmania
Distance: 12.8km
Duration: 4-5 hours return
Terrain: Forest, beach & rocky
Difficulty: Hard 


Is This The Coastal Track For You?

This walk can be completed in either direction and has a steep climb to Wine Class Bay Lookout.

This lookout gives you stunning views of Tasmania's beautiful beach. The coast cliffs, white sands and crystal clear water is to die for! This is an enjoyable walk in the summer as you will travel through lush native flora, including ferns, golden wattles, and Greaves Creek.

You can continue the track downhill to Hazards Beach, but when returning to the car park, beware of the loose gravel surface downhill, as it can be slippery.

It is recommended that you have bushwalking experience as the track is incredibly steep, long, and rough.

Travelling through a river is not fun without waterproof hiking boots. The Camino/Mauria GTX Boot is made with Gore-Tex lining which prevents water from entering your boot while also allowing moisture such as sweat to escape to the outside. You are guaranteed to remain cool and dry on this hike with your LOWA Camino/Mauria GTX boot.

Also, you may have to carry a heavy pack load on this hike and with the Camino/Mauria, you can comfortably carry a 20+ pack weight. Both boots are made with Polyurethane Midsoles (PU), which are excellent shock absorbers that do not deform under heavy pack loads allowing you carry more without compromising on weight and flexibility.

We hope you get outdoors this weekend and tackle one of the above hiking adventures with the Camino/Mauria GTX boot.

Remember, "The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot" - Werner Herzog.

We wish you an exciting adventure.

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