Tibet GTX Women’s Review - Jesica Murphy

Tibet GTX Women’s Review - Jesica Murphy

Back when I was younger, I had an accident out hunting and fractured my spine and hip. I woke up the following morning unable to move and barely talk. It was advised that I wouldn't hunt again, but because hunting is just part of who I am, there was no way that was going to happen!

I used to always wear gumboots out hunting, including when I had my accident, so I became very wary and anxious walking down steep hills, especially if it was damp.

I was then lucky enough to get a pair of LOWA women Tibets GTX, and they have helped me massively! They were so comfortable straight out of the box and into the bush!

I have become so much more confident in my footing; they have great grip and are a snug fit, making those steep hills less of a worry for me now.

I absolutely love that they have a locking clip on the laces; it stops the laces from loosening and your foot from sliding around inside the boot.

I'd definitely recommend these boots to anyone who enjoys getting out on the hills.

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