Lady III GTX Wide Review - Sally McConnell Review

Lady III GTX Wide Review - Sally McConnell Review

📸 - Sally McConnell - NZ Women Hunters

As someone whose feet are small but wide, finding a women's boot that comfortably fits has forever been a struggle. The Lady GTX III WIDE has been incredible. I couldn't recommend it enough! 

Quite often, I would opt for a men's boot for that extra room or size up the women's, which meant the boot fit the width of my foot but not the length, resulting in a poor fit. Always ending in blisters and aching feet.  

I have a wee collection of various boots at the door step sitting unused due to the fact that I just can't do the distances in them, despite my best efforts at “breaking them in” and powering through some extreme blistering.

I had resigned myself to wearing gumboots, which, no matter how light or careful your footfall, are noisy! They drive my husband mad!

I have currently been wearing the Lady III GTX Wide, and what a difference! I haven't had to resort to a men's boot, and the gumboots can stay at home for the farm. The wide fit means I can comfortably fit my correct size, so all the support is in the correct places. I can hike for hours; no “breaking in" is needed.

My favourite feature would be the Gore-tex lining, meaning that they are waterproof! I can walk through the dewy grass, swampy patches, and shallow crossings and keep my feet dry without the gumboots! 

Living in a rural area bordering on Te Urewera and Waioeka, I hunt in steep country with mature trees and uneven footing. The Vibram sole provides sturdy grip in this challenging terrain. I can be prone to rolling my ankles, but the ankle and sole support keep me going steady. 

For women in the same boat as me with a wide foot, I'd highly recommend the Lady III GTX WIDE for their next adventure. 

I know I'll be leaving the gumboots on the doorstep; no more hunting in gummies for me. 

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