Christie Pisani - Heart of the Huntress

Christie Pisani - Heart of the Huntress

Christie Pisani was a brought up in an outdoors environment, spending much of her childhood fishing, hunting and generally exploring the world with her Father and brothers. She was introduced to bow hunting by her brother, and over the next few years progressed her skills with the help of many skilled hunters.  But her earliest memories are rifle hunting trips with her Dad and brothers. Dad taught her to enjoy and respect the outdoors and the animals we hunt and that a good hunter is not defined by a number of trophies he or she has taken, nor their deadly precision with their weapon. A good hunter is one that loves the land and all the creatures in it and recognizes that ability to let an animal walk is just as admirable as the ability to shoot it. One thing that the extreme anti-hunters will probably never understand, is that the best hunters are, in fact, animal lovers, and custodians of the natural environment.

Many years on, Christie has made it her goal to embrace the outdoors in as many ways as possible, and share that love with others. Christie believes that hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts have a vested interest in promoting sustainability and conservation and protecting the natural environment for future generation.

Christie competed in international hunting competition ‘Extreme Huntress 2015’, which paved the way for the forging of strong friendships with many international women hunters, and with South African PH Margaret Botha, began ‘Heart of the Huntress’ TV series. Christie is passionate to provide an avenue for new and women hunters to get involved in hunting, and ‘Heart of the Huntress’ demonstrates that all women can hunt, regardless of age, experience, or marital status.

Between her part time work as a paramedic and Wilderness First Aid trainer, Christie guides hunting trips for new and women hunters.  Christie is also a Professional Hunter in the Limpopo region of South Africa, and works with Margaret Botha and ‘WomanHunt’ to provide family and women-friendly hunting safaris.

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