Eamon Waddington - The Alpha Human

Eamon Waddington - The Alpha Human

Eamon Waddington is an Australian Hunter, conservationist and photographer with an innate connection to the Wilderness and everything that is involved with living off the land. He is the co-founder of The Alpha Human, soon to be Broadside Hunting; A hunting education business focused around giving new outdoors men and women the foundations to become ethical and respectful hunters. 

Eamon seeks to create imagery and media that helps educate people about cultures, traditions and the secrets of the outdoors. His mission is to encourage and educate people to explore their ancestral and primitive selves, to ignite a lost curiosity for understanding the intricacies of our ever changing ecosystems, and grasp how we can contribute to conservation and sustainability.

His love and passion for the outdoors comes from humble upbringings on a cattle farm near the Victorian High Country. "Working and sustaining the land is how we've survived for generations. My hope is to pass on this information and build the right skills for others seeking to educate themselves through ethical Hunting and Land Management.”

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Favourite Boot

"I came across LOWA Boots a number of years ago, after having numerous pairs of other boots fall apart on me. A close friend recommended the LOWA Ranger GTXIII; so I immediately bought a pair. Since then I haven't worn a different boot. The comfort and durability to make back to back days guiding on the mountains done with ease, is as simple as having the right tool for the job. These boots are probably the most essential part of my hunting kit. In an environment where conditions can change very rapidly, having the right boot is 1 thing that I know I can always rely on…which enables me to focus more on the tasks at hand." - Eamon Waddington

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