Glen Stewart

Glen Stewart

Glen Stewarts passion for the outdoors is very evident, and the seeds were sown from a very early age, a large backyard in a small country town in Western NSW (Condobolin) there were trees to climb, critters to find, and chooks to chase….

That back fence was never going to hold him in.

Fishing and hunting would be the catalyst for a launch into the outdoor stratosphere, way beyond the back fence of 14 Turner St Condobolin, a story of fish, ducks, deer, mountains, plains and so much more.

Glens writings and pictures show a deep connection with the country, what he sees and shares not only inspires but makes us think about our connection with land and country, the places that we feel are special to us, the places that make us feel small. 

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Favourite Boot 

“The last thing you want to be thinking about 3-4 days into a mountain adventure is your boots....and that’s how it should be. You won’t see a confidence rating in the fine print on the box of the LOWA Tibet GTX WXL boots but that’s exactly what you get when you lace them up each day, confidence to push on no matter what. They will not let you down”. - Glen Stewart 

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