Jack Spinks

Born and raised on the family farm, hunting and the outdoors has always been a part of Jack's life. From a young age, walking the bush with either a bow or rifle has always felt right. As the years progressed Jack fell in love with bowhunting and he hasn't looked back since. He has travelled to some unbelievable places and met some unbelievable people.
Hunting will always be a huge part of Jack's life. Taking on the challenges of Traditional Bowhunting has only increased the passion Jack has for pursuing trophies with a bow. Whether it be huge red stags or big hooky boars, the drive has never been as strong as it is today.
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Favourite Boot
"My boot of choice is the Z-6s GTX, it allows me to move quickly through the bush whilst providing excellent support and comfort. The Z-6s GTX have proven to be super durable, comfortable and quiet. By far the best boot I have ever owned."