Matthew Faddes

Matthew Faddes

Born in the southern stretches of Otago, Matt had ample of hunting opportunities growing up, starting with waterfowl then moving onto bigger game. Now a full time rugby player dancing between NZ and overseas commitments, Matt is frequently seen scouring the vast countryside in search of predominantly deer.

Over the years Matt has become somewhat captivated by Fallow deer, by their wits and elegance and loves the challenge of an old, dominant buck. And who can argue with the taste of Fallow deer steaks!

Winter sees Matt roaming the land for deer, chamois and tahr with companion Summer the golden Labrador while during warmer months he is combing the coastline in search for paua and fish.

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Favourite Boot

"The Lowa Ranger III GTX would be my choice of hunting boots as they’re very versatile and relative to my choice of hunting. Being light and comfortable but having all the required support for the South Islands harsh lands. You could hunt 1 day from the dense forest of the Catlins to the unforgiving geography of the West Coast with zero dramas. From stalking fallow deer in the rolling hills to climbing waterfalls for tahr the Ranger III GTX will have you covered. Having one boot to cover all hunting bases is a dream!" - Matthew Faddes

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