Graham King

Graham King

Graham King is a freelance adventure, landscape and lifestyle photographer based in the North West of Tasmania, Australia. Graham has a great love for the outdoors and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to capture the beauty of his surroundings. Graham has a unique style in his photography which has opened up opportunities to work with a number of different brands particularly in the outdoor and travel sectors. 

You will probably find Graham hiking in the Tasmanian wilderness on most weekends or on the coast for a sunset shoot with some friends. Graham moved to Tasmania around 10 years as a teenager after leaving South Africa with his family and is now stoked to call Tasmania home. His other interests include travelling, architecture and good coffee! 

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Favourite Boot 

"When hiking I choose to use the LOWA Renegade model and I am stoked to be a part of the LOWA crew. After using the Renegade I have never looked back and I put them through their paces most weekends in the Tasmanian backcountry." - Graham King

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