Andre Alipate - INNOX GTX® MID

Andre Alipate - INNOX GTX® MID

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Straight out of the gate! I love these boots! 

I've taken them out on a few occasions now both here in NZ and Australia even had them down in Fiordland in some pretty muddy wet conditions too.

They are super light compared to my Z8s (980g vs. 1470g) which is definitely noticeable. That's cute but the real pinch for me is that they feel a lot more supportive than the Z8 under load upslope and especially down a slope. 

I put this down to two factors:

  1. The Z8 becomes quite supply around the ankle with good use and is likely due to the soft leather upper. My Z8s in their current condition are quite soft around the ankle even though they lace up 8" above the ankle. The Innox seems to me more supportive around the ankle and has a stiffer flex under load especially downslope. (Hope they stay like this but we'll see how this goes with more heavy use). 
  2. The tread. Tread in the Innox seems a lot more aggressive, deeper and more responsive especially downslope under load even in wet muddy conditions.

Another great aspect of these boots is foot comfort in warmer climates. I tested the Z8 in some pretty extreme temps and I what I did notice was how hot your feet become in the toe box of the boot especially in direct sunlight waiting for game. Whereas when I was in northern Australia recently with the Innox I went for a trail run and my feet were able to breathe and remain cool quite a drastic difference in this regard.

I've run (2-5km) in both the Z8 and the Innox and they're both pretty comfortable under steam. But being lighter the Innox was noticeably lighter I could feel more of the ground under my foot too vs the Z8 (which is important when bow hunting well for me it is). The Innox didn't feel like I was running in a  pair of boot whereas the Z8s you do.  

As a bow hunter, I'll be picking these boots every time in the north island, and warmer climate conditions and even in South Island terrain in the warmer months (without scree and rocky crag). 

They're the perfect run and gun boot for short fast light missions. Being so light and breathable they make them so good to stalk in. Can't help but feel like a predator in them. they'll be my choice of bow hunting moccasin from now. 

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