INNOX GTX Mid Review TF by Doug Stojanovski

INNOX GTX Mid Review TF by Doug Stojanovski

Hunting boots come in varied styles and configurations, so depending on the exact kind of adventure that you intend to pursue; you’re best served to choose the footwear style that suitably caters to your needs. Lowa are no strangers to quality boot making, with varied styles and over 90 years of manufacturing behind them, they’re sure to have a boot model that is applicable to your style of hunting. Thanks to Lowa, we’re once again able to review another boot model from their broad range of footwear styles. On this occasion we’re taking through its paces the Innox Mid TF GTX, which for all intents and purposes is a boot better suited to our rugged, hot and dry outback terrain! Be sure to search out previous editions of Arrowhead Magazine to read the feature reviews we’ve undertaken on existing hiking and backpacking variations on other Lowa models, namely the Ranger Ill GTX & Tibet GTX. Broadly speaking, the Innox Mid TF will suit those outdoorsman with a need for a fast and lightweight boot that’s readily capable of allowing you to hit the ground running straight out of the box. Much akin to slipping on a new pair of runners, I found the Innox GTX to be comfortable from the get go and offered a zero discomfort and no ‘breaking in’ period.

Technical Specifications

With adequate support, yet flexible enough to act as a suitable stalking boot, the Innox Mid TF should appease those in need of a general purpose hunting boot. Presented in a natural all tan finish, my first impressions out of the box was typical to the other models of the Lowa range that I’ve reviewed. Aesthetically appealing, they exhibited the hallmarks of sound construction, further encouraging me to lace them up and hit the scrub. For this review I wasn’t able to try on the boots prior to deliver, (I generally try to make ‘try before you buy’ a prerequisite when obtaining footwear). However, on this case, I simply just went straight off the available sizing chart. I was also mindful to take into consideration the fit of the previous Lowa models that I had reviewed. Once again, I found the boots were true to spec and provided me with a sound and comfortable fit. The body of the Innox Mid TF is of a mid cut design and primarily comprised of Cordura–NYCO® which is further complimented by synthetic nylon piping on the upper. The result of which provided for the boot being hardwearing and durable when subjected to some pretty inhospitable and unforgiving terrain. The Innox Mid TF is lined with a GORE-TEX® membrane that showed all the hallmarks of living up to the demands of being breathable and waterproof. We’ll delve more on this a little later.

The Innox Mid TF features a well padded gusseted tongue, which for its upper/ inner portion also features perforated cushioning in its interior. When combined with a similar styled padding that’s located on the inner upper portion of the boot, the combination of both perforated/ padded features further helped aid in added moisture wicking protection.

Lacing the boots is also effortless thanks to the closed eyelets that allow you to easily cinch the boots up nice and tight. The midsole is comprised of 1.5” Polyurethane with Monowrap construction for added stability. The Innox Mid TF features a medium 3/4 length nylon stabilizer which is designed to promote further stability in the arch area of the foot. This

also helps avoid unwanted stress on your ligaments that can often induce fatigue

and pain. Traction is further enhanced due to the positive lug design of the NXT all terrain sole which allowed me to experience hassle free mobility when moving from wet to dry ground and vice versa. The boots are available in a size

range of 7.5–14 and weigh 920 grams.

Field Test

Though the conditions during the review period were not blisteringly hot, the late October / early November climate of far

north NSW still dishes up some pretty harsh and testing hunting grounds. One of the locations that I visited during my travels held extensive swampy marshland and in turn, enabled me to test out the effectiveness of the Innox Mid TF

waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane. Worn in conjunction with elasticised ankle over boot gaiters, I did my best to try to

keep my feet dry and out of the swampy marshes. However, as can often be the case when tackling such conditions, I

soon found myself in situations where I had to suck up some Dutch courage and simply cross small sections of inundated swampland. This had me unwillingly sink the boots up to my ankles on more than one occasion. Admittedly the boots were

only submerged for short bursts, but nonetheless, they still copped a proper dunking! Where I would normally have expected to experience wet feet after such circumstances, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my socks were still dry. This filled me with more than enough confidence that the Innox Mid TF would live up to their reputation of being waterproof. Next stop on my travels was the more arid environment of far northwest NSW. Even though the area had recently received some much needed rain, it also made this area a little harder to hunt due to the excess amount of water getting about. This mostly resulted in just the dams receiving a top up whilst the rest of the countryside remained dry and fairly barren. This was typical of what to expect in this kind of red soil, sand ridge country. When travelled on foot, its wise to remember that this kind of terrain can be particularly hard on ones feet. Having adequate footwear will certainly better help see you through your days in the scrub and likewise keep you at the ready when the hunting moment of truth

arrives. The Innox Mid TF GTX certainly helped me succeed in doing just that and were ultimately considered to be well suited to the style of hunting that I tested them in.



The Lowa Innox Mid TF GTX complimented the kind of flatter & drier terrain that I encountered very well. They

presented as a highly functional boot that delivered zero discomfort allowing my feet remain dry and perspiration free. The

boots will lend themselves adequately as a stalking boot, maybe not excessively light underfoot, but still appropriately

suited when careful attention of foot placement is considered when stalking weary game. Taking into account their general purpose appeal, I feel that the Innox Mid TF GTX would likewise also serve those looking for an ‘all round’ light

weight hiking boot. Admittedly, I did not use them in such terrain during this review but will certainly look forward to also trailing them in mountainous terrain where a light and fast hiking boot is warranted. As with most of your gear, proper care and treatment is a testament to a boots longevity. With that in mind be sure to visit au/about-lowa/boot-care-instructions to receive up to date information on how best to look after and maintain your hunting boots.

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