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Winston Malseed (Melbourne, AU)

I’m getting blisters on the back of my feet but I think it’s because they just need wearing in. Other than that they are going great

Tibet GTX® Wide
Michael Turner (Melbourne, AU)
Best boot ever

Thank you so much for making the best boot I have ever put on my feet.

Locarno GTX® Mid
Ben Honor (Virginia, AU)
Great product

The boots are great. No wear in time needed, they were comfortable straight out of the box.

Zephyr Mid Tf
Anonymous (Perth, AU)
Best boots ever !!

So good first time I wore them I creamed my pants. they are better than getting rid of the dirty dishwater before going to work! Great tread on the bottom will not slip of necks and very good for delivering freedom to any dust bowl

Renegade GTX® Mid Wide
Neil Payn (Sydney, AU)
Great Boots

This was my second pair , The first pair managed many KMS in the High Country with not one blister. I have a wide foot, and the Renegade is wide fitting and comfortable straight out of the box.

Zephyr GTX® Mid TF
Harry Vincent (Adelaide, AU)
Fantastic boots

Highly recommend these boots, previously in Saloman gtx 4D forces and these are as good if not better.

Mauria GTX® Wide Womens
Glen Barratt (Brisbane, AU)
Absolute total change to foot comfort in these boots

These boots have changed my hiking experience. Previously to these boots, my feet gradually got more uncomfortable the longer I wore hiking boots. After a broken ankle, I decided to invest in some higher quality leather boots and ankle support was a priority. These Lowa boots fit my feet and heels perfectly, and the padding at the back of the ankle ensures day long comfort and support. The lacing system means I only tie them once and don't have to readjust as the day goes on. Also, they needed minimum wearing in and were comfortable straight out of the box. Thank you for prioritising quality and providing a higher level of enjoyment because of it.

Anthony Evans (Melbourne, AU)

Best boots I’ve bought for a long time!

Not that good

Used this on a hunting trip for my lowa boots which are less than a year old and did nothing to stop water getting in, far from impressed

Scott Dale (Doncaster, AU)
Good product


R-6 GTX®
Owen Lupo (Perth, AU)

Excellent boots. Well worth the cost. Very comfortable to wear and after 10 hours a day are still comfortable.

Innox Pro GTX® Mid TF
New boot goofing (Brighton, AU)
Fab B0oT$

Boots are FaBuLoU$s!
Very go0d quality. High leigh recommend lowa boots. V good. XD

Amazing Boots But They Mash My Toes

I am sadly disappointed by these boots. Make no mistake, these are amazing boots. The materials and construction are first class and they look great. Unfortunately, for my foot, the toe box is not wide enough. I tried these boots on in a store and while standing they felt amazingly comfortable. Unfortunately, when trying to walk in them my toes and ball of my foot become extremely sore; the ball of my foot burns. Surprisingly, no blisters, just this unbearable pain. I persisted for a while, thinking that the shoe would soften or my foot would get used to it, but the pain only got worse and happened sooner on each walk. I can only surmise that this is due to the shape of my foot. My foot is wider than normal, but not extra wide and most wide-fit shoes are fine. My toes, however, are very short and so, perhaps the end of my foot doesn't taper as would be the case for someone with the same length foot, but more "toe". I wish this website had a section where people could sell second-hand Lowa boots as mine are barely worn (virtually as new) and I am out $579.

Tibet GTX® Wide
Amit Dovrat (Brisbane, AU)
Very good boots

I love my new Lowa Tibet. Boots fit me very well and feel very comfortable. I had Lowa boots before and my last pair lasted about 10 years.

Ranger III GTX®
Andrew Robb (Sutton, AU)
Ranger 3 GTX

I bought these to replace my Scarpa Deltas that had only lasted 3 years before the sole fell off compared to the usual 6+. I have worn them every day done the last 6 months and they look the same as the day I bought them. Superbly comfortable as I am an ICU nurse and am on my feet all shift. Then once home they do double duty in the paddock on my farm. Very happy.

Ranger III GTX®
Darren Campbell (Adelaide, AU)
Great boots!

For me, it's LOWA. A boot with no Compromise. Best home your feet can have for a hunt or everyday wear. In my humble opinion, the best boots there is.

Baldo GTX® Wide
Bill Ageras (Sydney, AU)

Thothing short of perfect,undersold for sure. Thank you Lowa

Mountain Boot GTX®
Tony C (Melbourne, AU)
Great boots

Lightweight yet very well built. The Mountain boots have exceeded my expectations. At last I own a pair of boots that go a long way to help make my outdoor adventures so much more comfortable.

Innox GTX® Mid TF
Jamie (Sydney, AU)
Lowa Innox GTX

The Lowa Innox GTX's have been the comfiest boot I've owned. My career has me wearing them for 12 hour shifts and they have been perfect for spending hours on my feet as well as hiking. Unfortunately after 9 months, I've taken the boot back the store I purchased them from (MONT-Canberra) as a hole (approx 3cm) has formed along the toe stitching on my right foot. The store told me Lowa may class it as wear and tear, however they are getting in contact with Lowa in relation to the tear. I'm hoping Lowa agree the tear should not have occurred after 9 months and is not reasonable wear and tear, for a premium boot and premium price tag to go with it.
All in all, it's been an unbelievably conformable and lightweight boot. The support for a boot this light weight has been very good. I'm hoping Lowa provide support following my purchase. I have recommended these boots to many people who have had positive experiences with the boots for work and hiking.

Innox Pro GTX Lo Ws
Merinda Beale (Strathpine, AU)
Dream walkers

Firm supportive sole, excellent non slip traction, snug fit around the forefoot.,Highly recommend

Weisshorn GTX®
Nigel Stock (Sydney, AU)

So far they have been comfortable straight out of the box. Haven't put to good use yet though. Very much looking forward to it though.

Irox GTX® Mid
Oscar Colton (Camberwell, AU)

Irox GTX® Mid

Elite Desert Boot Womens
Andrea Henderson (Townsville, AU)
Lowa desert elite

Have worn them for 40k of up and down, steep and rocky terrain, with a great fit from the go. No blisters, nothing hurting and they are great in the Australian heat. Feet are not getting hot as in my GTX boots. Highly recommended.

Mountain Boot GTX®
Greg Whitelaw (Melbourne, AU)
Re: Lowa Mountain GTX

Very happy!!! 😀 Keep up the great work. ⭐️ Maybe have some Lowa socks in your line up too.

Innox Pro GTX® Lo Womens
Franzi (Sydney, AU)
Comfy shoes, perfect for daily walks

I like the shoes very much, they are comfy and the Color looks even better than on the picture. I haven’t tried to go for a longer walk than 5k but since those are not my first LOWA shoes, I expect the same comfort as in the past.