The Ultimate Guide For Choosing the Right Outdoor Boot

The Ultimate Guide For Choosing the Right Outdoor Boot

Gearing up for your next outdoor adventure?

Whether it’s a challenging alpine expedition, an off trail adventure or simply a leisure day walk, one thing is certain: your choice of footwear will make all the difference to your experience.

Each activity demands specific features from footwear so having the correct boot is important for your safety, performance and most importantly comfort.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials in selecting the perfect boots to ensure you are getting the most benefits no matter the terrain or weather.


Consider the terrain: Australia offers diverse landscapes, so choose boots that match your activity. Insulated and stiff mountaineering boots with crampon compatibility are ideal for icy peaks, while lightweight hiking boots offer flexibility for short trails. Boots with Vibram outsoles are the best, but it is important to choose the appropriate lug pattern for the terrain.

Weather Protection

Australia's ever-changing weather requires boots that can handle the elements such as rain, snow, or streams. Choose waterproof boots with a Gore-Tex membrane but be aware there are various levels of performance and poor installation can affect the boot’s breathability. 

Pack weight

As your backpack gets heavier, it strains your feet and lower body. Choose a boot with a polyurethane (PU) midsole which does not deform under heavy pack loads and provides the necessary shock absorption needed to evenly distribute the load and reduce the risk of injuries.


Nothing will ruin your day faster than a pair of uncomfortable boots. That's why LOWA has earned its reputation for crafting supremely comfortable boots by meticulously attending to the details that truly make a difference. LOWA boots feature bio-mechanical functionality, exceptional shock absorption, anatomical padding, and carefully designed lacing systems. These features work together to deliver unparalleled comfort, fit, and quality.

With a remarkable 100-year legacy of crafting top-of-the-line boots for diverse purposes like mountaineering, hiking, and everyday travel, LOWA stands as the ultimate choice for serious outdoor enthusiasts.


There Is A LOWA For Every Adventure

Mountaineering/ 4 Season Boots: LOWA Alpine Expert II GTX - $929

Engineered specifically for mountaineers tackling demanding surfaces, unstable weather conditions, and challenging alpine environments. The Alpine Expert II GTX boot provides the required stiffness, insulation, waterproofing, and support, including LOWA patented tech features, to handle long distances with heavy pack loads of 25kgs+ in steep terrains.

Multi-Day Hiking (3 – 4 Season Boot): LOWA Camino & Mauria Evo GTX Wide (Women’s) - $679

The Camino/Mauria Evo GTX is purpose-built for demanding multi-day hikes, capable of handling pack weights over 20kg+ for long distances. These boots offer exceptional comfort and high-performance features, including special lacing, bi-density midsoles, and wide last construction, making them perfect for 3-4 season hiking on and off trails. 

Light Hiking (3-Season Boot): LOWA Renegade GTX MID - $499

The Renegade stands out as an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate hikers on weekend trips with a 5-10kg pack weight on-trail. It is waterproof, durable, and lightweight, providing the necessary cushioning and support without requiring a break-in period, ensuring instant comfort right out of the box. With an impressive track record, the Renegade is one of LOWA's best-selling hiking boots for 25 years, having sold a whopping 15 million pairs since 1997.


Hiking Shoe (2 Season): LOWA Innox Evo GTX Lo - $349

The Innox Evo GTX® Lo is an exceptionally lightweight hiking shoe, perfect for day hikes, fast hiking, and everyday sporty activities. It is ideal for pack weights of 0-5kg, offering outstanding agility, flexibility, and high performance. With waterproof capabilities and an innovative DynaPU® midsole, it ensures exceptional cushioning and support for long walks.

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