LOWA Tibet GTX & HighCountry Evo GTX Review - Josh James (Kiwi Bush Man)

Watch @joshjameskiwibushman review of the LOWA Tibet GTX and the LOWA Highcountry Evo GTX.

"I have been using LOWA boots for 6 years now, previously, I hunted and hiked in gumboots and cheaper hunting boots. I had no idea how well a top-of-the line boot performed until I purchased some LOWAS.

The level of comfort is outstanding, due to the ball bearings in the bootlace lugs and the locking lugs on the pivotal points. The Vibram soles provide grip across all types of terrain, enabling safer and more successful navigation across steep and dangerous terrain.

They are specifically made for a wide foot, they have a goretex membrane and keep my feet dry and comfortable, they are long lasting and easy to care for. Safety in the mountains comes first and foremost, and these boots have saved my bacon many a time while hunting Tahr in steep and dangerous terrain.

I have used them extensively both in New Zealand, and overseas in Tibet, Northern China, Russia, Central and South America, the Canadian Rockies, Texas, and in the Mexican deserts and the Swiss Alps. They have performed well in all of these different environments, and I personally give them 2 thumbs up." - Josh James (Kiwi Bush Man).

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